Orange Sriracha Wings

Need to turn up the flavor on the usual Buffalo Wings? I think these will surely do the trick.

Butternut Squash Pie

I managed to turn a random butternut squash sitting on my countertop into a delightful finish to Thanksgiving dinner.

The Steakhouse Method

I mean, why pay all that money to go out to a steakhouse when you can cook like you’re at one at home?

Curried Chicken Pilaf

This dish is definitely a quick and easy way to add something exotic to your weeknight dinner.

Smoked Salmon Schmear

Not just for bagels, this satisfyingly savory spread is both simple to make and also adds a certain elegant touch to plain old cream cheese.

Grandma and Oxtails

I always enjoy visits with my grandma. She’s always kind and likely has a pot of something really good waiting for you.

What’s a Guy To Do With a Peck of Fresh Peaches?

First off, sorry it’s been a minute since I last wrote in here. ¬†Life has given me it’s share of ups and downs¬†over the last several weeks and that hasn’t allowed me the time to write in here, but I feel like the dust is pretty much settling. So, last week, I went on a…