Quick Bite: Grub Burger Bar

I was out running errands on this cold and dreary Monday when by business took me to the Briarcliff/North Druid Hills area.  I remembered that there was this new place in Loehmann’s Plaza Brighten Park that opened up called Grub Burger Bar.

Its a concept was born in College Station, TX and has recently made inroads in the Atlanta area with one location near Cumberland Mall and another that I visited today.


It’s a neat looking place inside.  It’s a vast improvement over what was here before: a salad bar restaurant called Lettuce Souprise You.

So, here’s how it works:  it’s your typical fast-casual setup where you order at the counter and your food is brought to you and then waitstaff takes care of you when you sit down.  But there are a couple of twists.  For one, instead of the typical “number on a stick”, you get a tracking device to help the staff know which table you’re at.  It’s something I personally wouldn’t spend the extra money on if I owned the place. That little placard on a stick does the same exact thing, but to each their own.  Also, there is a full bar you can sit down at and have a “real” drink if you choose.

So I ordered the Lockhart Legend which was topped with bacon, cheddar, Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce, dill pickles and onion rings.  It was pretty good, and the seasoned “skinny fries” (which, by the way is no indication of nutritional value) were a great compliment.  The burger was cooked medium-well, which I love.  Not a fan of undercooked ground beef, but also don’t like my burgers burnt and dry, so that’s perfect.  Plus the patties are nice and thick and have a “substantial” mouthfeel.  The service was excellent too, for a fast-casual place. My server gave me a couple of tasty house-made sauces to try with my burger and fries.

Mmmmmm....Nutella shake...
Mmmmmm….Nutella shake…

Their shake selection looks amazing, as well. I didn’t partake during the first visit since it was pretty chilly out and the meal was quite filling already.  But I had to go back the next day and give the Nutella shake a whirl.  And it was amazing!  I mean, Nutella and ice cream  combined?  Can’t help but to be awesome.  And it was perfectly blended: not too thin and not too thick.  But I do want to try one of their spiked varieties some time soon.  That Bourbon and Caramel sounds like an absolute delight.

A wide array of shakes!
A wide array of shakes!

Grub Burger Bar is a great place to grab lunch if you’re working in the area or even a quick dinner with drinks if you live in or are visiting the area at night.  It’s quite reasonable too.  You’ll probably spend about $7-$15 depending on what and how much you order.  Go check it out!

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