Why the heck am I even doing this?

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I’ll tell you why:

  • Because I like to cook and want to share it with the world.  Maybe even the right person from the Food Network or some publishing company will see that I have kind of a niche going here and offer me a show or a cookbook.  Hey, if it worked for Bieber (that little pissant…that’s for another entry), maybe it could happen for me too.
  • Because I’m going through the good-old-fashioned millennial “quarterlife crisis”.  Meaning, “my job has it’s moments”, I’m not too happy with my love life (or lack thereof), just not 100% happy.  But, then again, kind of am happy at the same time.  Being in your 20’s is really a mixed bag of emotions.  I hope this blog doesn’t make me look like a miserable ass because that’s not what I’m about either. I’m a lovable and huggable bear of a guy actually.
  • Because I have way too much free time on my hands, so I might as well use the internet as a sounding board for all of the above.  So, you will be treated to the “Days and Nights (and Meals) of a TwentySomething Single Guy.”  I figured it would be interesting to write my own blog featuring my sort-of-foodie lifestyle as well as offering witty observations of life from my eyes.  Plus I just need to be more expressive and sharpen those writing skills I once had.  Did I mention I worked at a newspaper as a teenager (again, another post).

So, I hope you enjoy!

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  1. cre8iveone says:

    WTG on getting started Tres!! Keep it up!! Speaking of which, I need to find some of this “free time” of which you speak and update my blog :).


    1. I’d love some pointers some time : ).


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